Sunday, 17 January 2016


1. Trust.
Its important for any kind of relationship. Secrets are toxic and sooner or later whatever someone is hiding, will come out. I have seen more relationships end because something kept for another comes out. Is it worth keeping it hidden? Nope. Will it ultimately ruin a relationship? Yep.

2. Communication.
Knowing what the other person expects and wants out of relationship will only be known if its talked about. No one that I have ever met can read peoples minds successfully; so thinking that your partner can, is childish. No matter how many hints you give, the only way to truly be heard is to actually talk.

3. Passion/Love.
For me, this should be a given, but I feel that a lot of people are in a relationship for convenience and not for genuine interest in the other. Maybe, its comfortable to be with someone than to be alone, but a relationship like that will go nowhere. When Im in a relationship, I want to be missed by my partner when we dont see each other. I want the cheesy stuff, if its not there, whats the point?
4. Respect.

This is something I dont see enough of. Respect of anothers feelings, actions, even words said is extremely important to me. I think if someone puts up with someone who doesnt respect him or her, then they dont respect themselves and dont realize that they deserve so much more.

5. Sacrifice.
We all have our own hopes and dreams. When we are in a relationship that is serious, those may/will change. Willing to give up or change your dream for your partner doesnt mean you have failed, it means you truly care for this person. People are naturally stubborn, but if both people arent willing to make sacrifices, it wont work.

 By Kailla Coomes

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